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You can help copyright be done right

Copyright gives creative people the right – and freedom – to

have a say in how their work is used. However, having the freedom and being able to use it are two different things. If it doesn’t work well, it’s hard for users to ask permission and hard for creators to give it and get rewarded. The Copyright Hub helps the whole thing work the way the internet works. That’s how copyright can be done right. Now we are asking for your support.

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About Us

So what is The Copyright Hub going to do about it?

The Copyright Hub’s technology connects content to its creator, who can set options for how others may use their work. Anyone will be able to use it to keep connected to their work. Plus, it can all be automated, starting with a single click. A simple, hassle-free process for all – sounds great, doesn’t it? If you think so, then you can help copyright done right become a reality.

How It Works

About Us

This is good news for creators, and for users of their work.

Whether you want to be paid fairly for your work, only give permission for certain things, simply be given credit or keep your work private, The Copyright Hub makes it a simple process. If you want to get permission to use someone else’s work we make it easy to find them and ask. Which is just as well, because we’re all creators now, and we’re all users too.



About Us

We’re not for profit and need your support

We believe that our technology needs to be able to work for the whole Internet. It needs to be available, for free, for everyone, to use everywhere however makes sense to them. We want to enable everyone to benefit from their own creativity and that of others. Copyright isn’t just for “professionals”, it’s for everyone.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Want to get involved?

The Copyright Hub is for everyone, so we want everyone to get involved: as an individual, a developer or a business; a creator, a user, an innovator.

Our technology, developed with our partners the Digital Catapult, will be open source and available to all.

We don’t have any ideology about how copyright should be used other than it should work well, whether for commercial, educational, non-commercial or other goals.

Our work is driven by those who will use it, a large number are helping already but we want to hear from as many as we can. There are a number of ways to get involved…

Get Involved

1. Help make copyright work for everyone

The Copyright Hub Foundation is not for profit and is currently funded almost entirely by donations from the creative industry.

Our technology will be open and can be used by anyone for commercial, educational, non-commercial or other goals.

We do not charge anyone money, nor demand a share of the money they make, so we depend on donations for our existence.

So we are grateful for those who have donated and welcome additional donations from people and organisations that want a better, clearer system of copyright – one that works for everyone.

Of course we also welcome ideas, feedback, code and any kind of contribution too.

Please do get in touch and get involved.

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Get Involved

2. Become a Hub Application

Hub Applications are specific proposals for ways to use our technology. 

We have an ever growing range of them, coming from individuals and companies who are among the pioneers of our new technology.

We are working, with our partners the Digital Catapult, to help implement as many as we can, as quickly as possible.

Those who get involved first will be helping us turn our vision into reality. They will also be able reap the benefits as others get involved.

So if you have an idea or problem which you think we can help with, let us know and perhaps it can become one of our Hub Applications

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Hub Applications

Our supporters

Check out our wonderful supporters

The Copyright Hub is being developed in partnership with the Digital Catapult and has been funded and supported by a huge range of organisations and individuals, some of whom you can see below. These and many others who have given time, money, expertise and ideas to us and are the reason we exist and continue to thrive.

Our supporters

More about upcoming Hub Applications

Hub Applications are proposals from organisations and individuals to create real applications using The Copyright Hub technology. Here are a few we’re working on right now – and there are dozens more to follow. These applications are working with various content, including images, text, video and music in a wide variety of ways.

4Corners |
BFI |with TVArk
Mary Evans |Picture Library

Become a hub application

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Whether you want to find out more, be included on our mailing list, comment on our project, give us a testimonial, make a donation or just tell us about your day, fill in the form below and a member of our team will get in touch.