You can help copyright be done right

Copyright gives creative people the right – and freedom – to have a say in how their work is used. However, having the freedom and being able to use it are two different things. If it doesn’t work well, it’s hard for users to ask permission and hard for creators to give it and get rewarded. The whole thing work the way the internet works. That’s how copyright can be done right. Now we are asking for your support. 

So are we going to do about it?

Connects content to its creator, who can set options for how others may use their work. Anyone will be able to use it to keep connected to their work. Plus, it can all be automated, starting with a single click. A simple, hassle-free process for all – sounds great, doesn’t it? If you think so, then you can help copyright done right become a reality. 

This is good news for creators, and for users of their work.

Whether you want to be paid fairly for your work, only give permission for certain things, simply be given credit or keep your work private, If you want to get permission to use someone else’s work we make it easy to find them and ask. Which is just as well, because we’re all creators now, and we’re all users too. 

We’re not for profit and need your support

We believe that our technology needs to be able to work for the whole Internet. It needs to be available, for free, for everyone, to use everywhere however makes sense to them. We want to enable everyone to benefit from their own creativity and that of others. Copyright isn’t just for “professionals”, it’s for everyone.